How does TeamCity compile a project


Just something i'm curious about, how does TeamCity compile  my code, My projects where created in Borland I have various post-build commands, and a lot compiler specific code, but I never had to enter what compiler or language I used when setting up my project and yet it seems to work. What does TeamCity do to get around this?


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Also I know my code has some build warnings, but these do not show in the log file? is there any way I can change this?

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Nothing, TeamCity doesn't actually compile anything as far as I know, it will run compilers for you. So you'd have to install the compiler on the machine with the build agent, and set your build configuration accordingly to use said compiler.

I'm not really familiar with Borland so I can't really give additional input past that.

But for example with .NET, you pass off your project (or alternatively, *.cs/*.vb files) to the MSBuild.exe engine to compile.

Also, some compilers can pull in entire projects, so it is possible you're storing your post-build commands there? (Again, not familiar with Borland, so a lot of speculation here).

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As William said, TeamCity just performes tasks you specify in the build configuration - checkout sources by VCS root settings, start build steps one-by-one, publish artifacts.
If you show how the build steps are configured, I could explain what each of them actually does.



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