MSTest 10.0 no suitable build agents error

I'm simply trying to execute an MSTest project after my build but for some reason I'm getting unmet requirements that state system.MSTest.10.0 exists for my project.
All I did was add a build step, selected Runner type MSTest, selected %system.MSTest.10.0% for my path to MSTest which said it should be detected automatically, then added the reference to my test project library.
What steps am I missing?  Do I have to copy over the MSTest executable to some directory?  TeamCity's installation documents do not mention any other steps that need to be taken to get this working properly.

Path to MSText.exe: %system.MSTest.10.0%
List assembly files: BusinessObjects.Tests\bin\Debug\BusinessObjects.Tests.dll
MSTest run configuration file: Local.testsettings

Unmet requirements:

  • system.MSTest.10.0 exists
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This thread is related to the same issue as, correct?



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