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Is there a way to clear error messages as show in figure?
TeamCity - Failed to start build.png
This happened when the Subversion repository went down. All projects got the message 'Unable to collect changes...'
Bringing Subversion back online fixed the  'Unable to collect changes...' error but other projects remains with the new error. Restarting/Rebooting TeamCity server does not solves this issue.

What should I do?

Many thanks.


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Hi Nassere

The error indicates an actual issue and cannot be just hidden.
After SVN come back online, TeamCity check for new changes once again.
If there were no changes, the error is cleared immediately.
But in your case there are snapshot dependencies, and there were changes in dependent builds. Rebuilding all of them may take time, but finally all the configurations should be refreshed and these arrors are cleared.



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