List of changes since last successful build in build failed email

In my email reporting a failed build, it is required that I have a list of all of the VCS changes since the last successful build. From a bit of googling, it seems that in order to make this appear I have to write a plugin in order to make the SelectPrevBuildPolicy enum available to freemarker. If this is indeed necessary, would it be possible to get some sort of list of the things I need to do in order - I am totally lost.

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Hi Like,

I think writing a plugin is the best option, all other ways look like a hack, and I'm not sure whether they will work.

Here is some documentation on plugin development:
I also recommend you to take a look at existing plugins:

Once your plugin is working, you can provide a custom TemplateProcessor (see SampleTemplateProcessor) with desired functionality.
It will be hooked up automatically.



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