Connecting TeamCity to VSS

I have spent most of the day trying to get this to work, I have verified that the Windows Service is running under a domain account that has access to the srcsafe.ini file, but I still cannot get connected.  SourceSafe is running on a different machine, but I have double checked the the service account has rights to the share.

I get this when running TC-VSS-NATIVE:

[16.02.2011 15:48:33] ssEx Debug - "TC-VSS-NATIVE-1297892165970.exe" "/log" "a" "b" "/version-v6" {vss info} "connection" "$/{my project}"
[16.02.2011 15:48:33] ssEx Debug - Use VSS 6.0 SSAPI
[16.02.2011 15:48:33] ssCommandLine Error - Please check path and access rights.
[16.02.2011 15:48:33] ssEx Info - Exited with code: -2147467259

and I get this when trying to test the VCS connection in my build agent:
Connection failed!
VSS execution error:
Connection Test Failed. Unable to fetch module item.

I even tried running it as a console app to no avail.

Is there anything I missed?
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Hi Cody

Could you log in interactivelly into your service account, and check that the share is accessible by native VSS client.



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