Build status/progress messages TC6 not as useful as TC5

I'm in the process of going to TC6 from TC5 and I noticed a difference in the build progress messages that you see on the Projects page next to the spinning icon when you run a build.


We are building large VS2010 solution files (.sln build step) and in TC5 we got these helpful messages:


target: Project "project1.vcxproj" (default targets):

target: Project "project2.vcxproj" (default targets):


target: Project "project100.vcxproj" (default targets):


We could always see what project the build was building.



Now with TC6 most of the time I see these:

target: ClCompile

target: PostBuildEvent



Hardly useful as no project name is displayed. I know I can send custom build messages from the build to the server but we never needed that because the default behavior was already very good in TC5.

Do I really need to add custom messages to all 100+ projects to get something resembling the old behavior back or is there something else I can do?


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Hi Tim

Could you please open a bug in our tracker, and attach an example of your project files.



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