Repository is Unrelated

Hi all, my name is Lance Barger and my team has been using TeamCity for a couple of years now. I have run into my first problem relating to TeamCity and Mercurial. When I try to run a build I get a red box next to my configuration saying "Failed to start build..." and when I click on details it is saying that Mercurial is returning "Repository is Unrelated".

I have completely deleted the configuration and it's working folder and started from scratch, same problem. I can also run the pull command on the repository to my working folder wiht out receiving the Mercurial error.

I also notice that the file has not removed entries to my deleted configurations either.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank in advance for any help!


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Hi Lance,
could you please provide content of teamcity-vcs.log for the time when error occurs?

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This error occurs when we try to pull changes in working directory of one repository from really unrelated repository (i.e. repository which has no common commit with our).
This might happen if Teamcity map 2 repositories to single folder and contents of teamcity-vcs.log will clarify this.


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