The timeout was reached: gathering of testing results has been called off.


We are currently using TC 5.1.1 to run some nightly tests on a Virtual Machine, but after exactly an hour the build fails with the message "The timeout was reached: gathering of testing results has been called off".

I'm not sure if something in our process has a default of failing after an hour.

I can't find anything anywhere regarding this error message and am unsure as to whether it is TeamCity that is stopping the build or something else. The only options I can find in TC in regards to timeout fails are in the general settings of the configuration, however all those options are disabled.

I don't suppose anyone can confirm this is a TeamCity message; or indeed not a TeamCity message?

Thanks for you help,


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Hello Simon,

  Please try running your build without TeamCity, i.e. in the same environment, in the same directory, but without TeamCity.
  Would it work?

  Kind regards,

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Hi Kirill,

Thankyou for your reply.

We did indeed find the cause of the error this morning; it seems a third party tool was the cause of the issue not TeamCity.

I did think it was strange that I couldn't find the error message anywhere which would be unusual for a widely used product like TeamCity.

Many thanks,



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