Build agent in DMZ, Build server on internal network

Hello. I am planning to put a build agent in our DMZ on our web server to do continuous deployment on that server.

The build agent cannot open HTTP connections into our internal network, but obviously our build server can open a connection out to the DMZ.

As I understand, the only reason the build agent needs to open a connection to the build server is to notifiy it about its presence.

Is it possible to just manually tell the build server where the agent is located ?

Is it possible to use a build agent when only the build server can open a http connection?

Are there any solutions to this (I would guess common) issue ?

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Unfortunately, unidirectional communication is not possible with the current system design. In order to work, the requirements outlined in the section should be fullfilled.
Agent opens numerious connections to the server and uses them to "register" as well as post all the status and build-related data to the server.


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