VS2003 build and error finding midl

I'm getting an error when running a VS2003 task, where the system can't find MIDL.exe:

[14:37:44]: [midl] Starting 'midl.exe (@"C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\tmp56AC.tmp" /out C:\TeamCity\Builds\RAPID\3.2.2.x\Checkout\src\Audit /Oicf)' in 'C:\TeamCity\Builds\RAPID\3.2.2.x\Checkout\src\Audit'
[14:37:45]: [Step 2/4] 'midl.exe' failed to start.
[14:37:45]: [Step 2/4] Process exited with code 1

VS2003 is installed on the system, so I'm wondering where, or what, does Team city need to be installed to fulfill this requirement?
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Nevermind, I solved this by using procman to see it was accessing the nat\bin folder. I put midl and it's associated files in there and it works fine. I'm installing the SDK to see if that also works.


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