Possible bug in svn vcs plugin

I Think there is a bug in the svn plugin possibly other VCS plugins as well.

When you execute teamcity via wget as documented in

for example :
wget http://username:password!@teamcityserver/httpAuth/action.html?add2Queue=bt4&system.name=TAG_NUMBER&system.value=

Build definition bt4 queues with the System parameter TAG_NUMBER set to

If you create  a command runner step with echo %system.TAG_NUMBER%  the result will yield

However in the svn VCS plugin if you add a check out rule +:%system.TAG_NUMBER%=>.

which says only checkout %system.TAG_NUMBER% and send it to the root of the BuildAgent working directory

it will not work.

Furthermore if you preinitialize system.TAG_NUMBER to say the svn VCS plugin will
pull from the subdirectory yet the rest of the build will have as the value
of system.TAG_NUMBER.

Any work arounds would be appreciated.

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Please submit a bug report to our tracker. The problem is that parameter values stored within build are not used when changes are collected (values from build configuration are used instead). I hope we'll address this issue in 6.5.

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Created a Bug Report TW-15766


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