Help with Teamcity installation on Amazon EC2 Win server

Hi everyone!

I have a strange problem which is driving me crazy...
I've installed Teamcity on a Windows Server 2008 Amazon EC2 instance (note: before installing TC I've installed VisualSVN server, accessible via SSL on port 8443).
Installation went fine and I'm able to connect locally to the Teamcity server (I've used port 8001, so I connect using http://localhost:8001).

The problem I have is that I'm not able to connect remotely: from my PC, if I enter the EC2 instance's public DNS name and port number (http://[public instance DNS name]:8001), I get a "can't find page" error.
Of course I have configured Amazon's security group to open port 8001, but to no avail.

One more bit of information: I can connect remotely to the VisualSVN server with no problem using https://[public instance DNS name]:8443.

Any idea as to what might be wrong?

Thanks for any help,

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Please check windows firewall. It may not allow connections to TeamCity port (8111 by default). You may add an inbound rule to allow any connections on TeamCity port. Vote for

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thanks, that was it! Strangely enough, Amazon EC2 console normally creates firewall rules whenever the security group is updated but it did not in this case.
Manually adding the inbound rule solved the problem.



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