Custom Statistics Not Displaying

I am trying to setup the custom code statistics in the writeup here and have been able to get everything to run in my teamcity 6.0 build except the last part of displaying the graphs in the statistics tab.  Is there a trick to getting the graphs to display in 6.0 that is different than this writeup suggests?  Are there any good ways to troubleshoot why the graphs are not showing up?
Thanks ahead of time you for your help

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FYI you have to edit (TeamCity path)\.BuildServer\config\main-config in 6.0 instead of (TeamCity path)\.BuildServer\config\(project name)\plugin-settings.xml. The plugin-settings.xml file is still present in 6.0 but doesn’t appear to do anything anymore. After that all works as expected.

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Hello Perry,

TeamCity allows to display custom charts either on the Build Configuration Statistics page or on Project Statistics page, depending on the settings. If settings are configured in the <TeamCity data dir>/config/main-config.xml file chart is shown on the Statistics tab of the Build Configuration. If settings are configured in the <TeamCity data dir>/config/<Project Name>/plugin-settings.xml file chart is shown on the Statistics tab for the individual Project. Please refer to for details.

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