Running DupFinder from inside build script

Our build server runs several projects, and I want to keep things as standardized as possible. Thus, I would like to run the dupfinder.exe from my own scripts rather than as a build runner. This allows me to reuse include/exclude filters, reuse the existing definition of which SLN-file to scan and keep settings identical across projects.

I get it running just fine, and the xmlfile is generated and published as an artifact. However, the transformation from xml to html doesn't happen at all.

Is it possible to inform the TC server to import the dupfinder report xml file in the same way as the build runner does it?

--Jesper Hogstrom

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To import dupfinder result print to standard output special command to TeamCity (like FxCop, but for DupFinder):

##teamcity[importData type='ReSharperDupFinder' path='path to xml report']

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Thanks, that worked like a charm!

I tried finding this information in the documentation, but didn't. Is there a list of types supported by importData and the server?



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