VCS per-vcs change triggering doesn't work after playing with build server time.

Hi team, we changed time on one month forward on our server that is running TeamCity and than changet it back. But now VCS triggering doesn't work. Can you please suggest what we should do?
We've tried to rebool server and change "Checking interval:" in VCS settings, but it doesn't help. Thanks!

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Hi Anton

Sorry for late response.
I've filled TW-15945 issue for that. As workaround, you can stop the server, and delete caches stored in <TeamCity Data Directory>\system\pluginData\customDataStorage\


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Does restarting the server cause the VCS do to one update, but no more?

I'm having a similar issue:

Though I can't be 100% certian when it started, possibly around the DST change.


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