How to set up personal build clean up policies?


we're running TeamCity for several years now. In some cases we have personal build histories going back to 2009, which of course slows down the display of My Changes in Visual Studio (2008.)

Is there any way to either limit the range of history displayed in the TeamCity Addin for VS or to force the server to cleanup the history of those personal builds?

We have set up full cleanups for everything older than the 30th successful build or older than 30 days. Does this apply to personal builds? It does not seem to work for them. The server (6.0.2) is running on Windows 7 with a SQL Server for database operations.

Thank you.

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My colleague answered this question by email already, but I'll copy it here just in case.

Cleanup policy is common for personal and ordinary builds. 30 last builds should be preserved regardless of type.
There are exceptions when additional builds are kept - if they are pinned, or used in snapshot/artifact dependencies.
Also, recheck teamcity-server.log for errors related to cleanup action.


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