Long test names/namespaces getting mangled in the Tests page

I have many parameterized tests nested in a fairly deep namespace hierarchy.

Here's what one particular test looks like in the full log file:

[17:37:22]: [Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test/Quantifi/AddinMgr/Test/ReplayTests/Replay] /Replay("C:\\CI\\Quantifi\\trunk\\excel\\Worksheets\\Test\\Replay Files\\Bond Pricing.xls.replay") (14s)

I see the full name of the test and the parameter.

Here's what the same test looks like in the Tests page:

AddinMgr. Test/Quantifi/AddinMgr/Test/Repl (Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test: Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test/Quantifi: Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test/Quantifi/AddinMgr: Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test/Quantifi/AddinMgr/Test: Quantifi.AddinMgr.Test/Quantifi/AddinMgr/Test/ReplayTests:Quantifi)

There's a lot of text here, with hyperlinks, but I can't tell which test it is. In fact, there are dozens of tests that all look the same on the Tests page, because they can only be discriminated by their parameter(s), and it appears that whatever logic is being used to render this list is displaying a lot of redundant information and/or is cutting off way too early.
Is there a way to view better test names in the Tests page?

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Hello Wayne,

  I'm afraid current implementation of the Tests tab cannot help you :(
  Please create an issue in our tracker and describe details there - how your test names look like, which test runner do you use,
  how test names are rendered by TeamCity in your case.

  Sorry for the problem.



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