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I am working with a team that investigates moving from SVN to GIT. We are now assessing the support in TeamCity, version 5.1.5.

Previously with SVN minimized the number of VCS roots that need to be created and we would like to take advantage of the same thing when using GIT. To be specific, for SVN we have a main VCS root and for each build configuration associated with a branch we just configure different checkout rules. For example for branch 25 we would use the following checkout rules:

For GIT VCS roots though, the branch is part of the actual VCS root whereas we would like it to be configurable, either by checkout rules or some other mechanism. How could we achieve this?

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unfortunately there is no way to do that in TeamCity 5.x. At the moment we are working on This feature allows you to specify parameters in VCS Root (e.g. in branch field), this parameter can be resolved to different values in different configurations.


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