Agent with the same name is already registered

Should I be concerned about these warnings?

[2011-03-16 09:26:33,917]   WARN -    jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Registration of agent: ci-linux-1 {id=0, host=}@5b01b0af failed. Agent with the same name ci-linux-1 {id=18, host=}@2c7614d6 is already registered since 3/10/11 10:39 AM

I checked my agents and they do not have duplicate names.  You can see from the message that the ID is different but the IP address is the same.  Is there a common cause for such a situation?

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I'm having a couple of problems with my TeamCity instance and wonder if it can be attributed to this.  I also see the stacktrace described in this issue in my logs.  What should I do?

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Hi Leon

That may happen when multiple instances of TeamCity agent process are started in parallel.
That should not cause issues - first instance should continue to work, second one cannot register on server side correctly, and causes these warnings.
Just find and kill this duplicate process.



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