Overwrite files during artifact build

Hi all,

for evaluation purposes I set up a build configuration based on a Java Wicket IntelliJ project. I have artifacts configured in the IntelliJ project and the build succeeds perfectly. The IntelliJ project consists of two modules, from which the first one is more about general functionality and default layout and the second module provides client specific files like images, style sheets and so on to the war file.

The problem is that files, which are already present because the first module was added to the artifact, are not overwritten by files with the same name when module 2 ist added. The log says "[zip] images/logo.jpg already added, skipping". This is a problem because module one provides for example a default logo.jpg which should be overwritten by the client specific logo.jpg from the client's module no 2.

I tested several artifact configuration trying to find a better/the right sequence of modules and resources but couldn't find one that fits my needs.

All suggestions or hints are highly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Tom

You can change element order right in IDEA artifact settings:



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