Remote run with svn commit of deleted files

Hi, we have a problem that when doing a remote run of local changes with commit to svn, files added or modified are committed but not deleted files (svn delete). Also, property changes (mergeinfo) on the root folder is not committed.

Haven't found anything on this on the net. Is this a known issue?

Using TeamCity 6.0.1 with TeamCity AddIn for Visual Studio (2008) 5.9.27.



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Mikael, thank you for your feedback.
Regarding remote run with Subversion property changes, currently we do not support this. Please take a look at this issue for details.
Regarding problem with deleted Subversion changes. Please make sure, that filter "By Current Solution" is not turned on in local changes tool window. If so, deleted files and directories were filtered and were not included to remnote run changes.
If filter is disabled, please post VS add-in logs in this thread (if it is applicable for you, or send them directly to me via email ( You could find logs in %Temp%\JetLogs directory.

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Evgeniy, thanks for the reply.

Regarding property changes, we won't use Remote Run to commit thos changes.

Regarding deleted files, it might be that the "By current solution" filter has been used. I can't verify that yet but we will avoid using that filter and see if it helps.




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