TeamCity Delayed Commit causing a p4 "can't clobber" issue

I experienced problems when using TeamCity (6.5 EAP, build 17372) pre-tested commit (delayed commit) feature with p4.

After the changelist was successfully tested in a personal build (Win32) on TeamCity, it was automatically submitted. This triggered a new build in the same project. So far, excellent. But this automatically triggered build failed to start, because the files from the changelist had been made writable and p4 refused to overwrite them because of that:

[15:39:01]: Updating sources: agent side checkout... (1s)
[15:39:02]: [Updating sources: agent side checkout...] Failed to perform checkout on agent:
Can't clobber writable file D:\BuildAgent\work\6c5d887f95b59be5\<filename>
Can't clobber writable file D:\BuildAgent\work\6c5d887f95b59be5\<filename>
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Now my question - Is there a solution to this problem, other then switching the 'clobber' flag on the agent's p4 client? Is there a way of making TeamCity put the files affected by a personal build back to their original state, inlcuding read-write access? Or should it behave like that and we have a different problem?
Petr Wolf
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Hello Petr,

  Until is fixed, you should either set noclobber, or use clean checkout flag in build configuration setting :(

  Please vote/watch the issue.

  Kind regards,


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