Mantis BT support?

Hello to everyone around here,

I'm looking into configuring TeamCity for a friend, and he's currently using Mantis for tracking bugs in his software. I've been trying to look for some plugin adding support for it inside TC, without any luck so far.

Does anyone know if there is any plugin for Mantis?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Hector

There is no such plugin yet, as far as we know.
You can add a feature request in our tracker, or develop it by your own. See docs at Issue Tracker Integration Plugin and samples at TeamCity Plugins.


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I see. Opened a feature request here.

I don't think I'm gonna find the time needed for writing a plugin myself, but if I, or my friend, manage to do so before someone else, I'll write back.

Thanks for taking your time to reply, Michael.


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