Any plugin for monitoring build duration and alerting user?


I'm looking for some way of setting up monitoring of build(s) to track performance degradation/improvement over time. The graphs available on the Statistics tabs are great, all that I need to add is the ability to alert if a build was say X% slower than a rolling average of the previous Y amount of builds, that sort of thing. Is there anything already out there that does this?


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I am not aware of such available solutions.

Options are
- write a TeamCity Java plugin to detect the state and send the notification
- detect the condition inside the build (e.g. with the help of REST API) and fail the build if the build duration exceed a given threshold

Also, a related existing feature is to set build execution timeout, but it will actually hard-stop the build if it runs loinger then timeout.

You might consider creating a feature request on your case in our tracker.

Here is also a related feature request: TW-15679


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