Adding new NUnit versions?

I noticed last public version of TC lists up to NUnit 2.5.9, however last version is 2.5.10.

Is there any easy way of making the runners support custom NUnit versions? Or any tutorial on the subject? I've looked a bit around, but I don't seem to find anything regarding this, maybe my search wording is not the best for this case.

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We have added the fix both to 6.0.x and 6.5 brances. The fix is available in latest 6.5 EAP build.
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Unfortunadely, due to strongly signed assemblies you can not make TeamCity run NUnit 2.5.10 without rebuilding .NET support assemblies. Please take a look at the issue
there you will find a patch and instructions on how to apply the patch to 6.0.3 to make it support NUnit 2.5.10 in commandline NUnit runner.

The update will be available in 6.0.4 too.

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Thanks for the information. Voted for the request.


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