Pre-populate Build Tags


We have a set of about 7 tag names we use across all our builds to identify certain issues which we then collect every week to see where we have problems.  Is there a way to prepoulate the tag list so one doesn't have to remember to type them in for buildtype that doesn't have that tag in it's build history?  One way is to go to every buildtype in our system and label one build with all the tags so they show up in the tagging window.  I'd rather not have to do that and would be able to configure teamcity so they show up for all buildtypes, sounds like something that could be configured at a system level.  Has anyone requested such a feature?  Would anyone find this useful?  TeamCity developers is this an easy feature to implement?

I have included two snapshots, the first one is the tag window with no tags anywhere in the build history, the second is a tag window where there are builds in the history that have these tags applied.  I'd like to pre-populate this list so tags are easily clickable even if the tags have never been used in any of the builds for a particular build type.



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