Mercurial: unknown revision due to failed tagging (multiple heads)


TC failed on pushing the tag-revision up to the main repository because it
would have created multiple heads:

Failed: Failed to set label '19': 'hg push
https://TeamCity:******@server/hg/Tools/MyTool/' command failed. stderr:
abort: push creates new remote heads on branch 'default'! (did you forget
to merge? use push -f to force) stdout: pus

So the tag-revision "67b623c2c1e4" was only inside the repo clone but not
the main repo.

I decided to clean TCs mercurial caches but now nothing with this projects
works any more since the revision "67b623c2c1e4" does not exist at all any
more now -- but "67b623c2c1e4" is still being listed on "Pending Changes"

When I want to "Run" the TC-Job (or just show the all-projects overview) I
Error collecting changes for VCS root 'mercurial:
'hg log -v --style default -b default -r 61e3f32b80da:67b623c2c1e4' command
stderr: abort: unknown revision '61e3f32b80da'!

How can I get rid of the knowledge of this revision number?


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Hi Markus,

this bug ( is fixed in TeamCity 6.0.3 and the last 6.5.x EAP. Please upgrade to one of these releases if possible. To get rid of incorrect commits please detach mercurial VCS root with such change and attach it again. That make TeamCity forget about pending changes.


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