Getting the IP of a machine from the TC agent running on it

I use team city to drive the testing automation of my product, and one way we do that is to have a tool connect to the System Under Test and run the tests. Team city is used to drive this tool, and I need to pass it an IP address for the SUT.

Every time the SUT DHCP lease is up, I get a new IP, and the system breaks, because the old IP is no longer valid, and I cannot connect.

Now, each of these SUT's have a Team City agent on it. Is there a way for me to ask the agent what it's IP is, and pass it in another configuration?

Here are the steps:

SUT Reset (new IP is received) -> TC installs software through the agent -> TC calls another agent to start test tool against SUT.

I would like the TC agent from the second step to pass it's IP to TC, so it can use it in the third step.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Olivier

I believe the most reliable solution here would be to use dynamic DNS, and update the records automatically.



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