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We currently use EC2 build agents with Teamcity 6,0 and it works fine.

But, one of ours project needs to have a installer as a build artifact. Well, this installer was built using Visual Studio Setup Project (.vdproj). Long story short, the only way to compile and build the installer is calling devenv.exe (Visual Studio) directly. Thus, I had to install Visual Studio on the Build Agent.

As we have multiple projects running on our TeamCity server, and all of them using the same build agent on EC2, and given that we don't want to have VS installed on the build agent for the other projects, I created a second image on EC2 of a Teamcity Agent with Visual Studio installed on it. Then I created a new cloud profile on Teamcity to use that image.

So now I get to my question:

Given that I have two cloud profiles:

Cloud Profile Description
A Agent without VS insttaled; compatible with all builds configurations
B Agent with VS installed; compatible with all builds configurations

How do I configure TeamCity to only usecloud profile B with a particular build configuration. i. e. I want that only the "Installer" build configuration for a particular project to use profile B. All others should always use profile A.

Is this possible?

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Sorry for the delay with replying.

Thank you for the detailed description of the case.
Currently, there is no way to manage agent compatibility for cloud agents. Please vote for the corresponding issue in our tracker: TW-11894

Current workaround is to "emulate" the agent compatibility using agent requirements in all the participating build configurations: i.e. directly require to build on the agent without VS installed.
You can do this by defining a property "vs.installed=false" on the agent and then add agent requirement (vs.installed equals to false) in all the affected build configurations.


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