Code Coverage Summary doesn't show up after upgrade to 6.5?


As shown in the below image, the Code Coverage Summary that usually shows up on the home page of a build isn't showing up (the code coverage is definitely still running though, as can be seen by the presence of the Code Coverage tab (which has the expected code coverage report).

This started happening after I upgraded to 6.5 yesterday. The old builds that were done in TeamCity 6.0 still have the code coverage summary.

We're using:

  • Team City 6.5
  • C# / ASP.NET 4.0
  • NCover 3
  • NUnit

Does anyone have ideas on how to get it working again because it was really useful?


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Hi Robert

Could you please post a full build log and NCover xml report - here or to (put a link to this thread in the message).


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I followed up with JetBrains support and they have raised a bug on the issue tracker. If you are affected by this problem feel free to vote for it.


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