Issue with generated file in VS2010 build

We are currently building a RIA Dataservices project.  Part of the output is a generated file that the client depends on.  When this is build with VS2010 it generates fine.  When I build is directly with MSBuild locally(nothing more than MSBuild.exe and solution) it builds and generates fine.  However, when I attempt this within TeamCity, the file is never generated and the build fails.  Is there anyway around this or am I don't something wrong?  I am performing this build on an agent using Agent side checkouts.  Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Bryan

Go to build agent machine, login interactively to an account used by agent service, find checkout directory under \BuildAgent\work, and try to launch MSBuild from there.
If that does work, then please post a build log with the errors.
Also, take look at Build fails in TeamCity but not locally page.



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