Visual Studio Pre-build step using WiX Heat

Greetings all,
I'm new to TeamCity and just started using it for building my Visual Studio 2010 projects. I have a project solution including a WiX (3.5) project that can be successfully built when using MSBuild from the command line. The project I point to in the TC configuration is the wixproj file which starts the chain of building all the dependant projects. In this WiX project, I have the pre-build step set to run heat.exe to build a file list for everything the installer needs to include.
The problem I'm having is when TC/MSBuild gets to the pre-build step I get the error message, "'heat.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". I've tried setting the PATH enviroment variable to where heat.exe sits and tried using %WIX% environment variable setup by the WiX installer in the pre-build step but neither works.

Is there something that needs to be done to use external tools during build steps?

Best regards.

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Hi Adam

By default Buld Agent service is started under LocalSystem account.
Please check  variables are updated for system, but not a specific user account.


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Hi Michael,
Thanks for the response. Since the Build Agent service is started under the LocalSystem account, that means the server had to be rebooted for new system variables to take effect and this fixed the problem. So now onto my next problem, signing assemblies by importing key files that are password protected. I'll do a search first then make a new post if I can't find anything.


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Solution in my reply to Michael.


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