How to manage TeamCity licenses across the organisation


Hi Everyone,

Do you know if there is a way to programmatically query the status of licenses on a TeamCity server?

We have about 20 TeamCity servers across the company, and we would like to monitor the Enterprise server licenses and Agent licenses we are using on these servers.

We are currently managing a list, which requires meticulous updates, often! I would like to avoid this constant manual update.

Is there a way to query a TeamCity server and get the number of licenses, perhaps via the REST API?

It will also be very helpful to be able to get the maintenance period of a license.

I'll appriciate any help!



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Hello Eyal,

At the moment there is no REST API available to manage licenses, please watch/vote for the request: and

The list of licenses can be read from the data directory .BuildServer\config\license.keys or the Licenses web page can be parsed.


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