Configuration Parameter for "Checkout from branch" does not work


I met a problem when trying to customize "checkout from branch" value in "Edit VCS Root" page. The detail is as below.

My project contains two branchs, named branch1 and branch2 (I use CVS system). I create a template for this project and two build configurations extended from the template.

In "Edit VCS Root" page of template, I set "checkout from branch" value to For those two build configurations, I set's value to "branch1" and "branch2" through configuration parameter setting. I expect the two configuation builds can check out data from "branch1" or "branch2" based on the setting. However, the checkout does not work. If I set "checkout from branch" value to "branch1" or "branch2" directly, it works well.

However when I use the same customization approach on "checkout directory" in Version Control Setting page, it works well, so I believe I use the Configuration Parameter in correct way, and I have no idea why the Configuation Parameter for "checkout from branch" does not work.

Does not the CVS Root support customization through configure parameter? Must we create new CVS Root for each build configuration?


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Just now saw the page: in which it states that VCS Root set cannot be redefined via configuration parameters, so I know why the customization i try does not work.

Is there way to avoid creating new CSV root for each build configuration extending from the same template? For my projects, only "Checkout from branch:" is diffrent for each build configuration, so creatign new CSV root for each one is really not a good practice. Thanks

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It seems you are using TeamCity 6.0. Current version is TeamCity 6.5 and it allows using of parameter references in VCS root settings.

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Yes, i am using 6.0.3, and will upgrade to 6.5 for more functionality. Thanks.


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