Settings "Inspections" and "Duplicates finder" runners scope


I don't seem to understand how "Inspections" or "Duplicates finder" runners can be configured to exclude certain files. Found this old thread but see nothing in runner configurations where I can specify a scope or anything close to that. Should it be done in IDEA? I use "Inspection profile name" which only specifies which inspections are active.

Didn't try -Didea.exclude.patterns/idea.include.patterns mentioned by Anna yet but I'd prefer a simple textarea input where I can specify patterns of files to be excluded for both "Inspections" or "Duplicates finder" runners, like the one available for "Artifact paths".

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All inspections allow to specify a scope. Although apply the same scope to the all inspections is painfull (don't know, maybe it's possible via idea ui), but if you need to set scope onlyfor few of inspections, you could edit your profile like this:

<inspection_tool enabled="true" level="WARNING" enabled_by_default="true">
      <scope name="IDEA Test Sources" level="WARNING" enabled="false" />

regards, Alex

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Aha, thanks! Will try that.


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