Java build hangs on build agent

The build is hanging for Java project. Ant build runner is used for building the application and the svn is the version control tool.
Below is the exceprt from build log
[17:08:41]: Checking for changes
[17:08:39]: Clearing temporary directory: /opt/app/TeamCityBuildAgent/temp/buildTmp

The build hangs at very initial build stage i.e. at clearing temp directory stage. We have verified all other server and agent logs and we don't see any message that can provide us lead on why the build is hanging even  before starting the checkout.
The build configuration was working earlier.
Attaching the build agent dump for investigation.


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Agent is trying to determine free space on disk where checkout directory is located. Is checkout directory located on a network drive?

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Yes the checkout directory is located on a network drive . This is the drive that has agent installed on it. The drive has

enough space to store all the required artifacts and sometimes the build work on this machine and sometimes starts giving this error.

Can you please suggest what might be causing the problem?

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According to thread dump the agent is hanging here:
   java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
    at Method)

I.e. at native method of JVM itself. What version of Java do you use? Personally, I think the problem is somewhere between JVM and Unix kernel. Probably JVM can't determine free space reliably in your case. Maybe you are using some non-standard hardware for the network storage, some non-standard drivers.

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Thanks this helped


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