Builds hang on "Checking for changes" after upgrade to 6.5.1

I spent a week testing the 6.5.1 upgrade before we rolled out to our production build server, and now no builds complete. Server or agent side checkout seem to be irrelevant - the builds all hang at "checking for changes".

It appears from the UI that the build agent picks up the queued build - checking the logs, you will not that it is dequeue

The build agent, server and launcher logs are attached  (you'll notice that there does not appear to be any build actually occurring), other than it being removed from the build queue.

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This issue looks similar to one reported is this recent thread.
By some reason agent failed to upgrade its plugins. In your case it affected Perforce plugin.

Please post upgrade.log, and file listings of BuildAgent\plugins\ and BuildAgent\tools directories. It will help us to find the root cause.

To fix it manually try to restart the agent.
If that doesn't help - stop the agent, delete buildAgent\system\.teamcity-agent\teamcity-agent.xml file, and start the agent again. it will force reinstall of all the plugins.
Final option is to uninstall the agent completely, and install it again.

Please let me know which one of them helps.


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Michael, they may be related but the symptom is distinctly different. Additionally, after a clean installation, the build agent in question can reliably run against our test server. The problem that we are seeing appears to be only on our production environment.

I have logged a ticket where I am uploading all the log files.

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Thank you for the logs. We'll continue the discussion in the issue.


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