What is your favourite Build Automation Server software?

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What is your favourite Build Automation Server software (for C++), and why?

The software tools available seem to be slightly skewed towards Java (and .NET), but what about Build Automating Servers building (continuously or nightly or on request) & testing & packaging native C++ apps? What is your experience here? How do you find the scripting? Does it scale? Is it easy to administer? Does it have a good Web interface? Etc.


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Here is how the question applies to TeamCity:

You can run any command in TeamCity, provided you can run it from console. You can even write a btach/shell script to execute right in TeamCity UI. You will get console output with colored error output. If you use one of major version controls, you will also see the changes since last build with ability to drill down to individual changed lines of code. + all the usual service with starting builds by schedule, on commit, manually or by a bunch of other events.

See the overview of supported technologies to see if TeamCity has dedicated support for yours. e.g. You can build C++ Visual Studio 2010 solution and get automatic compiler errors detection.

If you use one of the listed testing frameworks or can adapt your code to report tests runs to TeamCity, you will  get tests reported in TeamCity UI.
With the feature you will also get more information on the tests like listing tests first failed in the build or those that are already fixed.

All this with usual TeamCity features of all build settings configurable from web UI, advanced UI, per-project permissions and many more.

It's OK to repost/add a link here to the original question on prgmmrs.SE.com.


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