Artifact download by build number, not build id?


I'd like to download all of the artifacts from a build in a zip using the build number of a particular build configuration, not the internal build id.

This URL works if I know the build id:

...but I rather do something like this if I know I want to get build number 360 of configuration 'bt55':

If I want to download artifacts by build number, it seems I need to download the artifacts one at a time after fetching/reading a manifest document.

Maybe I could side-step this problem if there is a way to use the REST API to get the build id if I provide the build configuration id and build number?

Any advice would be appreciated.


David Montgomery

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OK, this URL seems to work, though it shouldn't according to your documentation:

Can you please document this so this feature won't disappear in a future release!

Best Regards,

David Montgomery

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Thanks, will do.


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