Set Window's Build Agent System Properties

TeamCity Support,

In the web UI, for each build agent, there is a long list of system properties and environment variables that TeamCity sets.

How and from where is TeamCity server reading the system variables for each Windows agent?

To give you an example, on one Windows host, the build agent service is started by a specific user account but the system property called "" or "USERNAME" is being set to "SYSTEM" so I'd like to know how that is...

Thank you in advance for the help,


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You might be seeing an issue described in

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Thank you for the reference Oleg; that is exactly the same issue i was seeing on Windows 2008 server platform.  I created a new user environment variable and set the value to the user account that is actually running TeamCity build agent service which should be honored before system variable.  After a service restart, I see the new system property showing the correct user account name.


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Glad I could help.


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