Running maintainDB with while setting target folder throws exception

Dears at JetBrains,

I would like to backup my TeamCity (6.5) configuration.  I use a batch to do the backup.  Batch is located in the C:\TeamCity\bin folder.  The batch stops the service (using runAll.bat), then it calls maintainDB.cmd.

SET backupfile=TeamCityBackup


CALL runAll.bat stop

ECHO Script stops Service, calls maintainDB to create backup in folder %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH%

CALL maintainDB.cmd backup --all -F %backupfile%

Following is the ouput I am getting:

Command line arguments: backup --all -F TeamCityBackup
Using TeamCity data directory: C:\TeamCity\backup
Cannot proceed with 'backup' command: Source database not specified and not found.
Critical error has occurred during command execution.:

I would really appreciate any help you can provide.

Best regards

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TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH should point to data directory - a folder that contains config, lib, plugins, and system subfolders.


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Hello Michael,

Thank you for your reply!

I would like for the backup to be created in a custom folder.   Documentation ( states that I need to use the -A option, or set the TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH environment variable.  The error message I am getting makes perfect sense if TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH refers to the folder where TeamCity keepy its data and not to the custome location of the backup file.  The question remains: how can I make maintainDB.cmd drop the backup in a custom folder?

Best regards

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You can specify custom filename with -F option.

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I would like to specify the name of the file AND the folder where the file will be generated.  Setting the file name is working, what is causing trouble is setting the folder where the backup will be generated, the -A option acording to the documentation.

Thank you for your help

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Ah, that's a typo in our documentation.
You can specify alternate backup location using absolute path:

MaintainDB backup -F \path\to\archive

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Michael, Thank you very much for the help, it is working as expected.

I still have one more issue.  I am using a script that I call prior to the backup that:

- stops the service

- creates the backup

- restarts the service

The issue I have is that the cmd windows of the Scripts that restarts the service don't close when the service starts.  They remain open.  This would be a problem since the bakup process runs unattended.  What can I don to get the runall.bat to exit gracefully?  Following is the script I use.  It located within the bin folder of TeamCity.

SET backupfile=c:\TeamCity\backup\TeamCityBackup
CALL DEL backupfile
CALL runall stop
CALL maintainDB.cmd backup --all -F %backupfile%
CALL runall start

Best regards

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Sorry for late reply.
These batch scripts start TeamCity processes within your user session, not as Windows services.


NET stop TeamCity
NET stop TCBuildAgent


NET start TeamCity
NET start TCBuildAgent

commands to interact with Windows service control manager directly.

Also, I see you delete current backup before creating new one, and don't think it's reliable solution.
Better choice would be to keep several backups for last days.
Yesterday's backup helps in data corruption case, but does not help with accidental project deletion.



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