Changes List in TeamCity not Sorted

Hi all, maybe someone has seen this before?

So I have a list of changes from SVN when I click the Changes tab (to the right of Overview) in TeamCity 6.0.3 build 15925. However, the changes are not always sorted by revision. More often than not the latest revisisions are at the top and the oldest at the bottom of the changes list. But sometimes they would alternate, so it would look like this from top to bottom.

10:48 Subverison: 354
09:19 Subversion: 342
10:43 Subversion: 353
10:04 Subversion: 344 .....

If you notice, the latest revision is 354 and then it went down to 342 but then for some reason it went UP to 353 and then back down at 344. This jumping is very annoying if you are trying to find which code broke the build by historical testing using binary search. Is there a way to force this list to be sorted either by Time or by Revision # (either will do, but I prefer by Time). Or at least explain the cause of this behavior?

much appreciated.

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At the moment they are sorted by username.
There is TW-3031 request, you can vote for it, and watch for updates.


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Thanks for the link, but I just looked at the changes list and it is certainly not sorted by username.:(

There seems to be no logical order. Looking at the changes list I see that the sort is...

1. Not Alphabetical: I see usernames that start (from top to bottom) with V then A then P etc...
2. Not by Timestamp: I see changes 10:03 AM then 9:51 AM then 10:22 AM....
3. Not by revision: Revision 304, 302, 309....

I did notice that the changes that are bucketed by username are sorted. So user A commits, and they would show up
     User A:

in the changes list.

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As Michael noted TW-3031 is the right place to vote for making the sorting more obvious.

Actually, there is a logic in the changes order display and it was introduced with many trial and error steps.
While at times confusing, it still fulfills many cases.
Here it is:
The changes are groped by user and the groups/users are sorted based on the commit time of the last change committed by the corresponding user.

This order is used in the build's Changes popup and build's Changes tab.

If you do need time-sorted changes, you can use Change Log tab of a build configuration which displays the changes sorted in their arriving order as well as builds.
You can actually filter the changes between two builds there to get the same set of changes that you see on Changes tab of a build.

It seems your original case was to use binary search - if you prefer to test changes running a build, every change has "Run build with this change..." icon with which you can run a "history" build on the change.


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