Automatically creating parent folders when tagging SVN


I've setup TeamCity to tag our release branches for each version we create. We have several products that we deploy, and our tag structure looks like this:

  • /tags/releases/Sprint26/Product1
  • /tags/releases/Sprint26/Product2
  • /tags/releases/Sprint26/Product3
  • etc

Unfortunately, it looks like the SVN tagging from TeamCity will fail if the Sprint26 or the Sprint26/Product<x> folder don't exist when the tag is made. This means that for every sprint, we have to remember to create the appropriate folder structure, or else change our folder structure to dump all the tags in the same folder, which gets unwieldy.

It looks like SVN has a command line option to create the parent folders, but I can't see that option surfaced through TeamCity. Is there a way to configure TeamCity to automatically create those parent folders if they don't exist?


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