ec2 agents

Is there a way to have agents auto generated on ec2 on demand?
Creating a AMI seems like a conversome process to have an agent running. I recall in Bamboo there would be no need to setup ami or agents to get these running on the cloud.
Trying to find the easiest workflow to get a Java maven project hosted on SVN to be buily by teamcity.

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Please consider using agent push. In the bottom of  Cloud Profile settings page for Amazon EC2 you may notide 'Agent Push'.
Steps to use it:
- Open overview
- Open Agents->Agent Push tabs
- Create Agent push profile for your linux ami. You need to specify password/key for logging to runnning instance
- Open cloud proflile settings
- Specify Agent Push profile in Amazon EC2 settings

What agent push feature does is to log in into a newly started EC2 instance and starts build agent there.

Agent Push plugin is bundled with TeamCity starting from 6.5.

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Thanks, what I mean is that you have to install and agent and create an AMI for that.
It would be nice if you provided comunity ami's ready that could just be used for a single click config to run builds on the cloud.
So in my opinion having access to my AWS key/secret should be enough for Teamcity to figure it all out.
It should be a single step to point my build configurtion to a VCS repo and select maven pointing to the pom.xml to have Teamcity start building on the cloud without me setting up an ami and agent for it then using the ami in separate step.

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Agent push will make it possible to have a build agent in mostly every AMI with java installed.

Plesae give it a try.

Do you need to install more software to a given AMI on start?

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I tried that but it was having trouble finding my private key.
I created and bundled an AMI with all my mvn dependencies prefetched anyway and I got it working.
Thanks for your time.


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