Multiple VCS Roots for SVN checkout not working as expected


I am using TC6.0. I have configured multiple VCS roots (both svn) for a build configuration. I want the data from both the roots to get checkout in single default folder and hence I have kept "checkout directory"  field empty. I have not set checkout rules for any of the VCS roots. i.e.Version Control Settings still shows Checkout rules column as "edit checkout rules (0) "

When I use VCS checkout mode as "Automatically on Agent (if supported by VCS roots)" only the second VCS root is getting checkout out , since first VCS root is not checkout the build fails. Can you please sugggest why it is not checking out both the VCS roots on agent for this configuration.

However when I keep "VCS checkout mode" to "Automatically on Server" both the VCS roots checkout on Agnet machine. Can you please let us know when we are setting it to Automatically on server why is it checking out the data on Agent and how come for this setting both the VCS roots are checking out properly.



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Hi Ruby

That's not possible technically. This is the same limitation why you cannot manually checkout two projects into same folder. Inside working copy Subversion stores its configuration in .svn directory, so the working copy can belong to a single repository only.
In case of server-side checkout sources are exported from Subversion, and agent does not perform svn update directly.
Here is a detailed explanation how TeamCity works with VCS: Build Lifecycle in TeamCity


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This helps ..thanks a lot !!

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Just for a reference: there is an issue to report the misconfiguration appropriately: TW-5052.


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