Preventing TeamCity from triggering on SVN MergeInfo changes?


Pretty much as ths subject says - is there a way to prevent TC from triggering a build when a file in its build triggers path has its SVN MergeInfo changed? We have a central .EXE file that's used by all of our projects, and because of the way SVN handles mergeinfo, every time someone merges back to trunk, this file's mergeinfo changes.

The result is that even though the EXE changes rarely, the MergeInfo changes more often and triggers a build of almost all of our projects at the same time, which floods the build build queue.

In reality, the MergeInfo is just metadata for the file - if the file content hasn't changed, then there's no reason to trigger a build. Is there a way we can achieve this?

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We have this request in TW-11452, please vote.


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Yep, I found this the other day and voted on it. I see that the case is pretty old, any chance it's actually going to happen?

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Hello Niall,

  We're going to fix the problem in the 7.0 release, I've changed the target version for the issue.



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