Need to call a UNIX Shell script at the end of a TeamCity Build

Hi There,

I need to call a Unix script and pass it parameters at the end of a build. So I have added a new build stept and thought I will use Nant and try and call Unix. No luck there. Still trying to find out if it is possible. So now I have decided to call a C sharpe application to do a connection to my Unix box and fire off the script. I am having a problem running the C sharpe app.

Can someone recommend the best way of doing this or an example of calling a c sharpe exe from a build step?



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Not sure I understand the question.

Can you run this script outside of TeamCity successfully?
What's the errors specifically?

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I need to run a Unix shell script at the end of the TeamCity build.

So what I have done now is added a Nant step to exe a C# app that connects to Unix and run's a script once it connects to the port on Unix.

My question was has anyone wrote something before that calls a Unix script? As I had no idea what to do and done what I listed above. Is there a simpler way to exec a Unix script from TeamCity. Also I need to send files over from the Windows server to Unix. I was just going to get the Unix script to FTP them over.

Hope that makes it clear...


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You need to use ssh protocol to open command-line session to Unix machine remotely.
Try to establish it interactivelly, and later automate within TeamCity.


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