Idle Build Triggering


We have a number of build configurations that we like to run whenever the build agent is free (e.g. running tests using the UI/Application Monkey exerciser on our android app - At the moment we just set these as continuous but to get a CI build to run you have to manually stop the UI exerciser tests build.
I have looked around in the docs to see if there is something that would allow us to execute this sort of behaviour and can't seem to find anything. So would other people find this useful? A build trigger that is run when the build agent is idle, and is automatically stopped when I higher priority build comes along.



We'd love to do the same! Running tests when the servers are idle would be great! I'm not sure I'd want it to be automatically stopped as stopping certain things mid execution can be iffy, would definitely prefer that be an option. It might also be nice to specify a minimum idle time, eg the agent must have been idle for X minutes before this kicks in. So it's less likely to trigger a long running test mid-day just because commits stopped for a few minutes.



You can use priorities in TeamCity to automatically sort builds in the queue. Will it work for you?


Lack of build triggers for this is the main problem. I could write an external script to monitor the build servers and externally trigger things to happen on idle, but there is no built in way to do it.


Please feel free to create a feature request in our issue tracker:


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