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My build server currently has 3 builds agents. I would like to use agent1 to always build my projects within teamcity web page. The other 2 agents will be used by visual studio remote run.

- How do i force the server to always use agent1 to build my projects when i click on the 'Run' button?
- How do i allow developer to select an agent, lets say agent3, and use that as the remote runner (personal builds) within visual studio? Note that everytime i try to customize the build, it reverts back to selecting 'Fastest idle agent' on next run. You can see screenshot below where i force agent3 to do the build everytime i want to make a personal build. Is there a way to save the customized setting as a default for future build?

Hope this makes sense..

Thanks alot.

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The feature request to remember selected agents in VS addin is filed in TW-10352, you can vote for it.
For web UI there is no such option, but let me ask you what's a goal behind this question? Are you try to somehow optimize performance in such way?



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