What do I lose if I don't backup system/artifacts (besides my artifacts)?

Edit: More info for anyone that happens to find this thread.  My main concern here was what would happen if I ever needed to restore from backups and didn't have a system/artifacts directory.  I decided to try it for myself since my setup isn't mission critical.  When I tested my backups this week, everything worked fine.  TeamCity even created the missing system/artifacts directory automatically.

I was reading the documentation and it looks like TeamCity is designed so the server administrator can delete artifacts directly from the filesystem.  So far, I noticed I lose the following extra build info:

Build Parameters - Actual Parameters on Agent
Maven Build Info

Is there anything that I'm overlooking?  I'm thinking about removing system/artifacts from my backups, so if anyone knows about anything I should be careful of, please let me know.  I don't care if I lose the actual artifacts.


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Coverage reports and statistics are deleted also.
But all that relates to build history and doesn't affect other functionality.


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